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I am Izzy, a brand designer based in South Wales (UK), the face behind Studio Nouvi and your new branding bestie!


 I believe all strong brands start with a strong vision and an authentic identity. As a brand designer, I support business owners create their unique identity for their brand allowing them to feel aligned with their business, attract their dream customers and thrive in their industry!


My love for branding businesses started in the height of lockdown when I had just graduated from studying Graphic Design at university and I needed to let my creativity flow. I began creating branding for local businesses and discovered my passion for helping other business owners unlock their true potential through the power of branding. 

From this day, I have helped over 60 business owners across the world feel more aligned with their branding and in-turn have been able to streamline their vision, raise their prices, grow their services and reach their dream audience.

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